Push Yourself

As a mother, I must confess that I am the world’s worse about putting my children’s needs before mine. I have come to recognize that I am a better mom, wife, and overall better person when I devote time to an enjoyable hobby.

A Hobby makes me more interesting. It’s the simple things that matter the most! Small shifts in thinking can shake up life. My hobby of painting lead me to fascinating and adventurous opportunities. I started painting small items as gifts. Within three months I was painting furniture and running a small antique booth. My suggestion is find a hobby that is uniquely yours, take ownership in it, and develop it on your own terms.

Finding the right hobby pushed me out of my comfort zone. If I allowed myself, it would be fairly easy to get in a pattern where I stayed within a nice and comfortable place. Living with paralysis requires me to push myself (literally and figuratively speaking) out of my comfort zone. In theory, living a life of excitement seems rewarding but often the idea of possible failure is enough to discourage me. When I am faced with the unknown I can become paralyzed by my own fears (pun intended). It is the times where I have stretched myself that my greatest dreams have come true. A hobby is the perfect way to get started. Getting out of a comfort zone can be difficult but a hobby gives an easy transition to get out and about.

Hobbies cultivate new friendships. We all know it can be difficult to meet new people. Meeting people through a hobby is wonderful because you gain a friendship that has a common interest.

Hobbies build self-esteem. If I am bored my self-esteem plunges. If I allow myself to dwell in a place of boredom my mind focus on issues-- and somehow--small problems become a complete mind-boggling threat. I counteract this agitation with my hobbies. If I engage in things that bring my joy, I feel validated and my self-esteem increases.

Convinced you need a hobby? Are you still searching for the perfect fit? Here’s my list of Hobbies that might be an ideal match:

  • Build your library. Reading is a wonderful alcove for a hobby to culminate. Enjoy reading outside when possible. Being outdoors is always uplifting.
  • Start a blog or web page. Developing your thoughts in a tangible medium allows creativity to flourish.
  • Discover model building. This hobby is a tremendous way to build hand dexterity.
  • Gardening is therapeutic! Just the thought of picking fresh vegetables for a delicious dinner brings a smile to my face.
  • Download FREE or inexpensive graphic design programs. You may discover a hobby that can also generate supplemental income.
  • Find freedom in photography. The ability of capturing a moment as it happens and preserving a memory makes photography an influential hobby.
  • Dig up your past! Genealogy is a very popular hobby. Discover your past and build your family tree. There are many emotional and intellectual benefits that can come with discovering the identity of your ancestors. Online tools and resources make this an affordable hobby.

There is really no downside to dedicating some time to a hobby. Fuel your body and push yourself in new directions. Take on a hobby.


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