Can I Drive? - An Interview

What encouragement would you give to people who are driving?

There are all kinds of options out there for getting into a vehicle and being independent using a car.  One of the ways is a van with a ramp. Some people, based on disability, use that based on functionality, based on ease.  Others use just a standard car with hand controls.  They break down their chair, pull it in, throw the wheels in the back, throw the frame in the back and they are good to go.  So, I think it’s just getting out there and making that work for you.  The option I chose was to just drive a car – a regular car – where I break my chair down, pull the wheels off and I throw my chair in the back and throw my wheels in the back and I go.  That works for me.  I think it’s great because you can rig any car to fit your needs and it doesn’t matter what type of chair you use, what type of car you want.  It’s all available for you out there.


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