Can I Play Sports? - An Interview

Why would you encourage someone who is newly injured to get involved in adaptive sports? 

In my opinion, I believe that adaptive sports are really important because it’s an opportunity for us to be healthy again and be active.  It’s very important for us to be strong, be able to maneuver ourselves – not just in our chairs but if we fall on the ground and get back up or make a transfer and slide in and out of a car or a movie theater seat or anything, for that matter.  So it’s extremely important for us to be active and try to be healthy.  Maybe even more so than our able bodied counterparts because we are using less muscles than them.  So I just find that getting into adaptive sports has been the natural fit for me.  It might not be for everybody but if you find what it is something you truly like and enjoy and love, then that will change your life immensely.  And you can get right back into it with your disability and move forward.


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