Batter Up!

The 1970’s were filled with major events like the break up of The Beatles, the Watergate scandal, and the birth of wheelchair softball!  Of course, some may say it wasn’t one of the major events of the decade but it has become a major sport enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of wheelchair athletes today.

Wheelchair softball is played on a hard surface, like a basketball court or parking lot, instead of grass or dirt, so it can be played inside or outside.  Most communities have leagues or programs for kids and adults of all ages and levels of competition.

For instance, if you’ve ever dreamed of being “called up to the show” then you should join a National Wheelchair Softball Association (NWSA) team in your community.  Currently they have 30 teams across the U.S., and many teams are sponsored by the Major League Baseball (MLB) team in their area.  They even wear official MLB uniforms and compete under their MLB team’s logo!

Here are facts about the game:

  • No need to worry about trying to tag a base the size of a throw pillow, in wheelchair softball the bases are a 4-foot circle or semi-circle.
  • You’re safely on base if one or more of your wheels are in the circle.
  • In the big leagues - or a local league - your team must have 10 players, including one or more quads.

Check out these resources to find a team and learn more about the sport.


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