No matter how old you are you remember how amazing it was to hear those two magical winter words: SNOW DAY!  No school, lots of unexpected time to goof off, and play in the snow.  Well, now you can relive those days without worrying about those make-up tests!  Whether you love the thrill of a diamond run or prefer to ski across tranquil plains, adaptive snow skiing programs are available all over the U.S. and Canada.

Ski areas that run adaptive skiing programs usually offer rental ski equipment, professional ski instructors, and trained volunteers.  So whether you're a first time skier or an experienced shredder, you'll have a great snow day.

Before you go, here’s a little information on the equipment you’ll be using.

  • Mono-ski: This a molded seat mounted on a metal frame.  It is also known as a sit-ski.  
  • Outriggers: These are poles that resemble a forearm crutch with a short ski on the bottom that you use for stability.
  • Bi-Ski: This ski is great if you need or want to ski with the assistance of an instructor, who uses outriggers and tethers for a stable ride.  This ski also has a lift mechanism for getting onto a chairlift.

Check out these resources so you can enjoy a snow day with hundreds of other adaptive skiers!

Central Cross Country Association (“CXC Sking”)2 has ski programs for kids and adults at all skill levels, including Paralympic.  They provide the equipment and trained volunteer coaches.  To find a program near, use the CXC 'Find A Program' Tool.

Disabled Sports USA has chapters with adaptive ski programs at ski areas all over the US.  Visit for more information.

Wheelchair Traveling: If you want information about wheelchair accessible travel to a great snow – or beach destination, then check out Wheel Chair Traveling:



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