Adaptive Sports - Game On!

Have you put outdoor activities or playing sports on the shelf because you think you can’t do any of the things that you like?  Well, get ready to get your game on!  The list of adaptive sports is long and exciting.  You’ll find great adaptive sports options indoors, outdoors, on the court, grass, pavement, snow, water – even underwater!

Explore the ever-growing list of adaptive sports.

Let’s say you have a need for speed, then downhill skiing, wheelchair racing or handcycling may give you that exhilaration you crave.  Or if you have ever dreamed of winning that huge match point and accepting the big trophy on center court, join the millions of wheel chair tennis players.

Maybe you prefer a sport with a slightly slower pace.  Well, how about archery, golf, rock-climbing, hunting or fishing?  Think you’re limited to land sports?  Think again!  Water lovers will have a blast surfing, scuba diving or waterskiing.

There are loads of team sports to play too.  You can play floor hockey, soccer, softball, basketball, or wheelchair/quad rugby.  Over 40 countries participate in the wheelchair/quad rugby.  To see the fun and intensity of this sport, see the 2005 Academy Award nominated documentary film Murderball.  The film features athletes who play the sport and follows the U.S. and Canadian teams as they prepare for the 2004 Paralympic games.

Whether you’re a team player, or on a mission to beat your personal best, you can find an adaptive sport that’s right for you.  You will find an amazing list of adaptive sports resources from one of the links below.  Another resource - your local community.

No matter what, it’s game on!


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  5. Murderball
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