My Child, My Warrior

One of the highlights of Maddie in her wheelchair is how much she loves to show off the fact that her front wheels light up.  She will spin circles in front of her eager onlookers to show them with pride.  We recently got her a new piece of therapy equipment called an upsee.  It is a harness that hooks to a parent to let the child have a chance to walk.  My husband, David, strapped Maddie in for the first time.  I was ready with the camera - ready to capture our little three year old walking for the first time.  As soon as she started, she excitedly and repeatedly proclaimed "Look! My shoes light up!"  She was so used to her wheels lighting up she assumed her plain little shoes did to.  We didn't have the heart to correct her and, instead, just revelled in the joy walking brought to her, something so many of us take for granted daily.  The smile on that little girls face at being able to move in a way she normally has trouble with, is something everyone should see at least once in their lives.  Its worth any hardship and then some.

Sometimes its easy to get overwhelmed with the health issues that Maddie faces.  Surgeries, sickness, and very frequent doctors appointments are hard for her and this momma to handle.  I worry so much about Maddie getting worn down from all she has to face.

I was recently diagnosed with cancer and had a port placed for chemo.  I was nervous that the sight of the incision would scare her.  When she saw it for the first time, I cringed waiting for the worse.  She just looked at me for a minute and then asked if she could touch my face and then kissed me.  Then she said in the most innocent voice that she was going to take care of me.  It made me realize that my little warrior is uniquely qualified to have empathy beyond the capacity of most.  I worried about the chance of hardships jading her, but she is using them to recognize when others are hurting and show them love through it.  

She teaches me daily how to better respond to the world around me.


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